COVID-19 Response and Updates

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"Children acquire knowledge through experience in the environment." —The 1946 London Lectures"
Maria Montessori


School Updates and Resources

We hope all families and children are well and safe during this very challenging time.

All of the following guidelines come from the Montessori Public Policy Initiative, Center for Disease Control, Wyoming State Department of Health, and the Teton County Health Department. If you have further questions regarding COVID-19 policies and procedures, please email Dee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As part of these guidelines we also are complying with Title IX, and you can view our compliance information here.

Health and Safety:

  • Screening and Prevention: We will check temperatures and conduct a health assessment daily upon arrival. There is a form with health screening questions from the Wyoming Department of Health that we will refer to and fill out when you drop off your child each day.
  • Hygiene: Children will wash hands upon arrival and at frequent intervals throughout the day. Face masks will be available for children to use. Teachers will wear face masks during drop off and pick up times.
  • Food preparation: We will serve snack as a group on disposable plates or paper napkins. Lunches MUST come in single-use disposable packages. Lunchboxes or containers that go between school and home are not allowed. Please send a labeled paper bag with food that is contained in disposable wraps or containers. We will supply plastic forks and spoons and milk and water will be served in paper cups.

Group Size and ratios:

  • We will adhere to State of Wyoming Department of Family Services ratio regulations at all times and will adjust if needed due to any future Public Health orders given by the Governor of the State of Wyoming or the Teton County Public Health Department.

Cleaning and disinfecting:

  • Backpacks and other items like nap loveys will not be allowed in the building. Children should come to school wearing appropriate clothing for the weather, including comfortable CLOSED TOE shoes (no sandals or dress shoes), a light jacket, and a hat with a brim, and holding their lunch (see above). We will apply sunscreen before going outside each day using disposable gloves between each child. If you need to send extra clothes or diapers, please put them in something we can throw away or hand them over without a container or bag.
  • Cleaning of frequently used items will take place often.
  • Work rugs will be laundered daily.
  • All materials and bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized frequently each day. Materials will be sanitized each time they are used or will be set aside to be sanitized after preschool is closed.
  • We have an adequate supply of gloves, disinfecting, and cleaning products at the moment. If supplies cannot be secured, we will reach out to families and our local Jackson Hole community to procure more as needed. If we cannot find supplies necessary, we will notify parents if we are forced to close until supplies can be restocked.

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures:

  • For May, Patti and I will stagger days that we are in attendance and all drop off and pick up will take place at the front door. Please drive up near the door and take your child out of their seat. Stay 6 feet away, if possible, and please wear a mask. We will take your child’s temperature and go through the screening checklist with you before taking your child’s hand and escorting them into the building. Of course, if your child won’t come to us without your help, you may need to hold hands until we have taken your child’s other hand. Please do not hold your child in your arms to hand off to us. Patti or Dee will sign your child in and out each day via Transparent Classroom.
  • You will receive a document via email to sign up for drop off and pick up times. Please choose a daily time and stick to it. It is best if the same person can drop off and pick up children every day as much as possible. If you will be late, please call and let us know so we can assign you a new time for drop off or pick up. If you arrive after 9 am in the morning, expect to wait for us to be done with circle time or until we are able to step aside from what we are in the midst of to come meet you and your child outside the building. Call the preschool phone line- 307-734-2747 and wait until you see one of us is available to go through the health screen check in procedure.
  • Parents and visitors are not allowed in the building. If you come outside your pick -up or drop off time, please text or call the appropriate cellphone so we can meet you.

Distancing: Work time, napping, meals, and playground

  • Children will have assigned seats for working.
  • Materials like colored pencils or crayons will be provided for each child and will not be shared.
  • Nap cots will be placed farther apart than currently required during naptime and will be sanitized after each use as usual.

COVID-19 Testing:

  • The Teton County Health Department has free tests available for qualifying individuals. For more information go to and click on Health Dept under Government. Or call Jodi Pond at 307-732-8461.

Protocol for illness and confirmed case of COVID-19:

  • A space will be provided that is separate from the group if someone falls ill during the day. Parents are required to answer any call from one of us in a timely manner and to immediately pick up a sick child. Please review the information you have supplied to us and update any contact information that is incorrect. Also, remember that you MUST supply us with information for someone who is local and can be counted on to come pick up your child within 30 minutes if we cannot reach you. All current information is located in Transparent Classroom and you should be able to see it in there. If Transparent Classroom doesn’t allow you to edit the information please complete a new Child Record form and bring it to school.
  • If Patti or Dee become ill and we cannot find a qualified substitute, we may have to reduce the number of children allowed until we can meet state ratio requirements. Parents will be notified as soon as possible via text, email, or phone.
  • If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 within our Montessori School of the Tetons community, we are required to close school, inform Teton County Public Health and follow their guidance. If that occurs, we will notify parents as soon as possible via email, text, or phone call as to what is required.

Staff Training:

  • Patti and I have both attended online trainings related to all of the requirements necessary for us to open within the guidelines and recommendations that are designed to keep us all safe and healthy. We will do everything we can to stay that way.

Tuition and Fees:

  • In this time of extreme uncertainty, it is expected that parents will pay the tuition and fees agreed upon for the entire session their child is enrolled. As usual, I will count the days you sign your child up for and apply the appropriate daily fee. You will receive an invoice from our bookkeeper, Jen Solis, and may choose to pay in one lump sum or in three installments that are due June 17, July 1, and Aug 1. Unfortunately, it cannot be predicted with any certainty if there will be further closures or if we will have to refuse service due to illness or other reasons related to this pandemic. No refunds or credits will be given.

Patti and I are committed to providing care for your children with high quality Montessori instruction included each day in the safest environment we can provide. Thank you for entrusting us with these children we love so much.